Notes from first meeting from Agnieszka

13 Apr

I havent spoken to the big boss yet but as I have established so far it would be better if we used the model room on sunday instead…so, sunday the 18th? is it ok for everyone? I would propose 12/1 pm as I am sure it will take a while..
thats what I scribbled the last time:
to do:

historical maps
old photos/postcards
plans for future developments
an up to date map where we can mark:
valueable places/buildings/areas
routes/ access to the city/ particular areas/ water

from my experience the best way to analyse a site (although the entire city is hardly a site) is to do it step by step by  taking into consideration different aspects, here are some from me, im sure everyone will come up with some more to discuss: (this is only if you want to spend some time on proper analyse of the city, if you dont think its necessary – since thats usually the basis for a masterplan which we are not making-we can forget about this part):

permeability- what are the routes/entrees, how can we get to and from places/ buildings
legibility- how obvious it is which routes can we take to go somewhere, where we are ( stuff like landmarks/important buildings/ crossings/ big streets always help), basically how easy it is to understand the city, wander around it and getting where you want without finding yourself in the middle of nowhere when its about to get dark
variety- quite obvious, what are the different activities within different areas/buildings, the more variety, the more to choose from, the more interesting districts are
visual appropriateness- how obvious is the use of particular places- of the city has loads to offer wothout people being awar of that maybe thats the problem
roboustness- quite an important thing when it comes to Rotterdam- how flexible places are; since the city is changing/being rebuilt all the time and is about to face big changes- which buildings/place have an ability to meet those changes and which will be left behind because their function is so strictly connected to what they used to be that they cannot be reused in any other way
richness- mainly related to public/outdoor spaces- how are they used and how do they bring people together, if theres enough of them in order to create a positive social environment not only within small communities but also within the whole city

the issues that arouse (obviously there were loads, ive only put down a few but im sure all the topics will be covered again)
were mainly concentrating around the separation:
south and north (what are the differences, shall they be kept,what are the goos aspects of living/working in both areas)
rich and poor (when-and if- the two ever mix- how can we encourage better relations between the two)
dutch and international (what do the ducth people thing about integration, what are the reasons for internationals to come to rotterdam, what are their attitudes towards each other)
fragmented structure (not necessarily a bad thing)

and a few thoughts that poped into my head after that:

how to integrate internationally without loosing the national culture?
how to keep and old (industrial) identity while redefining the city as a new (cultural) area?
how to keep the values and differences of each district(even making them more significant) without loosing the integrity of the city as a whole?
how (in a sustainable way) make the districts provide all the basic services for people (no need for everyday transportation) but at the same time encourage them to discover rest of the city?
the city of layers- how can this fragmentation/mistery of Rotterdam (rediscovering it day after day) be used to our advantage?


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