Rotterdam Urban Vision 2030 from the Gemeente

20 Apr

Hi! I forgot to bring this generalised information booklet on Sunday about the Gemeente Rotterdam’s urban vision. There is also a web page that you may like to refer to but I think the booklet is a little different: 

Just a few points that might link up with our last two meetings:

– the Gemeente seem to have an idea about an identity for Rotterdam’s skyline but this point is general

– there is a stated urgency for housing developments targeted at middle to high income groups only

– developments around the port aim to establish an international metropolitan image for Rotterdam

– there are design/planning pre-conditions for sufficient flood storage capacity and high quality public space in regards to Rotterdam’s future growth

– there seems to be a recurring theme of modernising existing facilities and modernisation in general

– the Gemeente has a VIP map with thirteen key area developments that are designated to strengthening the economy and making Rotterdam an attractive residential city

We have discussed most of these points already but the Gemeente my be one information source that helps our group see the large scale before making a list of possible concepts for the maquettes? I will try and make some further enquiries into this vision if anyone is interested to join?




One Response to “Rotterdam Urban Vision 2030 from the Gemeente”

  1. 3rdeye2010 April 23, 2010 at 11:46 am #

    This is super interesting! I used google.translate to find the english pdf 🙂 It is on the front page the last link in the list…

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