Brainstorm academics Rotterdam April

28 Apr

Hey Ppl! I am sorry this took me a few days longer. After I left on sunday I caught some kinda super flu and have been in bed since.
Anyway, here are the results of last meeting for everybody to enjoy!

We started by trying to find a focus question that fit the brainstorm and also our assignment as a whole.
The question that we came up with was:

How can we create a sustainable & social environment for Rotterdam?

With this question in mind, we stormed up a tornado and got some great ideas and saved them all on post-it notes.
After a well-deserved break in the sun and some of Aggies excellent Poga excersises =) we could see some themes forming.

1. Multi-Culti – This theme formed out of ideas and thoughts about social cohesion and the fact that Rotterdam is one of the most multicultural cities on the planet.
Post-it notes:
A. 119 nationalities
B. Cultural harmony
C. Add identity

2. Trash & Treasure – A theme about re-using and renewing.
Post-it notes:
A. Shipping containers
B. From old to new
C. Building within old skin
D. Re-use
E. Waste = Food

3. Urban Fairytale – A theme based around a playful city.
Post-it notes:
A. Capture latent energy
B. Open air gym
C. Energy playground
D. Sculpture & leisure
E. Fairytale (Gulliver, Valencia)
F. Rotterdam Roulette – Virtual
G. the Fun theory

4. Floating city – The Water Theme
Post-it notes:
A. Sponge City
B. More use for waterfront
C. Flexible/Personal Access (Through water)
D. Boat markets

5. Flora & Fauna – This theme is all about bringing nature back to the city.
Post-it notes:
A. Manhattan Henge
B. Courtyard houses
C. Tiny Gardens
D. Bio diversity
E. Artificial Sun
F. Green Roof
G. Glass house
H. Turning unused spaces into parks – Depaving
I. Communal gardens
J. Green living

6. Ever-changing space – This theme revolves around making flexible and dynamic spaces.
Post-it notes:
A. Metro Eendrachtsplein (Tiles)
B. Multi purpose
C. Dynamic
D. NikeID Custom Shoe
E. Flexible units – Architecture as playground
F. Digital facades – Data collection
G. Temporary external social spaces
H. Flexible use of vacant spaces
I. Adjustable background
J. Fusion
K. Add identity
L. Open Source space
M. Container villages
N. Communal gardens

I am sure that some of this sounds odd to you, Andy, but we will gladly get you up to speed @ our next meeting. Perhaps, by not explaining it you will see angles we did not =)

Agenda for next meeting is find out how we want to work on these themes. I will try to draw up another flipchart =)
See y’all soon!


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