Research High School Wolfert Group 3 and 4

21 May

Group 3 & 4: Brian, Vera, Carina, Naomi, Kirsty, Maxime

Topic: Green and sustainable architecture


We have researched 3 different topics. First of all, we researched whether it was possible to plant a tree inside a building. We found pictures of trees that are being placed inside buildings, and one of them is shown here. We found out that there are a couple of trees that do well inside, without the building being a greenhouse.  These are the citrus tree, fig tree, dracaena, coffee threes and African pine trees.

We’ve done some research on the co2 filter. The co2 filter is a design by a Korean company, they’ve created a filter that filters carbon dioxide out of the air.

We were also thinking for a solution for human waste, to turn it into a positive thing.

We came across an article of a company who found a way to turn human body waste into energy.

When we use the term solar panels, we are referring to the panels that uses the sun to heat up water. For creating energy the solar cell or a photovoltaic panel (PV for short) is used.
These two can be divided in the following three types of panels: Monocrystalinne, Polycrystalline and Amorphous (for more info: The crystalline types have the highest rendement and eventhough the amorphous are  cheaper to produce, these are used more often. The following percentages show the approximate effenciency of the types of panels:

Monocrystalline- 18%
Polycrystalline- 15%
Amorphous (thin-film)- 10%

Another way to create warmth of energy based on the sun is by the use of mirrors. This system called Concentrated Solar Power and is very efficient in countries with a high sun average, Spain and Morroco. The mirrors reflect and concentrate the sunlight in to receivers. These collect the solar energy and convert it to heat.

Project Description:

We came up with three different ideas for buildings. The main idea for both is that they have to be sustainable and green.

Our plan was to create a living space where people live, work and where they can do their groceries. We wanted to combine it so people wouldn’t need to use their car to go to their work or the shops, so this is co2 free. Our building is a green, sustainable and carbon neutral complex. The necessary energy should be supplied by solar panels, waste recycling and wind turbines. One of the concept buildings is shaped like a flower, representing the eco-friendly character of the building.

The first floor in the building may be filled with shops that sell biological, green products. The second floor will be living space only. The top floor may be a combination of living and work space.

The main part of the roof should be green. If possible, we want to plant tulips on the roof, to symbolize Dutch culture. If this is not possible however, a simple grass/mossy roof will do as well. Part of the roof will be taken up by the dome in which the top of the tree is seeable. A windmill will be placed on the roof. Additionally, solar panels will be installed. A part of the panels should be able to produce energy, another part should be able to heat water. The combination of the windmill and the solar panels will provide the installation with a constant supply of energy, as generally when it isn’t sunny it will be windy and when it isn’t windy it will be sunny. We’ve also created a system where the trash from this building is being burned and turned into energy. To get energy out of the burning you need methane gas, the methane gas comes from the cows in our garden/little farm. The cows live under a big roof which can separate methane gas from normal air. The methane gas is combined with the burning progress and that can be used to create energy. All this energy is stored into big batteries in the building. We also have wind turbines on top of the building which can also create energy.

Because it rains a lot in Holland, we came up with the system to store the rain water but also ground water. The water is stored under the building in the cellar. This water can be used to water the plants but also to use to flush the toilets. .

The complex is to be surrounded by fields that allow the shops inside the flower to produce their products. This means that there will have to be farming areas with plants such as wheat, corn and an assortment of vegetables and fruit. There should also be cattle supply the complex with milk and meat. The grocery stores within the building use all organic food. The grocery store uses food that grows in our own garden. The bakery uses all the weed that grows in the garden but also the clothing shops can use organic material to make clothing.

The building itself will have a tree in the main hall. After some research we found out that the best indoor tree would probably be a fig tree. There have been made buildings with large indoor trees before, so we assume that this is possible. In order to supply the tree with enough light, the tree should be standing under a large glass dome. This dome will also turn the hall into a pleasant, light area.


The first two concept are shaped like flowers. This symbolizes the green character of the building itself.

We haven’t yet decided which of the concepts will become our actual building- Would you all be so kind to shortly comment which one you like best? Thanks


One Response to “Research High School Wolfert Group 3 and 4”

  1. Marieke May 24, 2010 at 2:30 pm #

    The building I like the best is the one on the right side of the upper row.

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