Research High School Wolfert Group 2

21 May

Research for 3rd eye project.

Wolfert van Borselen high school. Group  2: Kim Schuiten, Doina Mani, David van Doesburg

Topic 1


We started our project with the topic of Future architecture & technology (topic 1). However, while we were working out our idea we realized that this topic could be perfectly combined with Green and sustainable architecture (topic 2) since new technologies can be and should be used to create new opportunities for sustainable development.

We were first inspired by a turning building in Dubai. This was a flat where the apartments are able to turn to get more sunlight so that they can get their energy from the sun.

Information for this building:

Dr. David Fisher is the designer of the Dynamic Architecture – a wind-powered rotating skyscraper in Dubai. It has 420 meters high and 80 floors that can rotate independently.

48 wind turbines will be installed between each floor to make electricity for the people who will live there.

The rotating skyscraper will be built in parallel stages instead of from the ground up, with a solid concrete core. Each floor will be prefabricated in segments by a factory.

More information on this project can be found here:

The other building that inspired us was a floating building. According to the Intergovernmental Group on the Evolution of the Climate the ocean level will rise from 20 to 90 cm during the 21st Century and therefore we believed a floating building would be very useful. Besides, the population is growing and there will soon be no space left on the land. In the past the population has been growing exponentially and predictions show that by 2050 we will have a world population of 9.4 billion. So if we make buildings on the water we create new space for people to live.

Information on this building:

architect Vincent Callebaut designed a building that could serve as a luxurious future space for 50,000 inhabitants who will want refuge from rising waters.

The designer believes the world will be desperately seeking shelter in the future after the climate change. Too bad that this shelters won’t have the ability to host all people in the world, maybe just for rich people.

The whole structure is covered in green walls and roofs, the top portion covered in grasses with the inner portion featuring a palm oasis, and the under portion serving as a bed for natural sea planktons and oceanic plants.

In Portugal they are busy with a project called the Pelamis Wave Power to conduct waves into energy. In Oregon they are busy with using tides to conduct energy. More information about these projects is to be found here: .

Our idea

We thought the floating building was very beautiful and a floating community seemed very cool to us. We liked the idea of a small community on an island. We were a little bit inspired by the Utopia community in Rotterdam who did something like this a couple of years ago but not in the water. They used an old factory as a base to make a small community where they could live with each other.

So now we have the idea of a floating community. However, if you live in a floating building that’s not directly linked to land you might want to have some shops on your own little island. Therefore we decided this building would not be just one living space but it will hold several houses and a couple of shops, restaurants and such. Besides we will park a ferry next to the complex, which will sail every hour so that people can still go to the main land. Our ferry will be in the form of Perry the platypus because he is our hero.

With such a futuristic complex you can get the problem that it will get very mechanical and not so pleasant to live in. Therefore we want a lot green in our living complex thing. Our complex also has to be sustainable. We will have solar cells, windmills and we will use the strength of the tides and waves to conduct energy.

Our only problems are ways to stabilize this complex on the waves and to keep it floating. One way of stabilizing is to use a huge glass bulb on bottom of the complex. This bulb will be full of air and this way it can help the complex to keep floating, besides this bulb will be a wonderful place to live in or keep a restaurant in with a good view on the ocean life. However, this isn’t enough to keep the complex in balance, we need wave breakers for example.


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