Research Academic team Rotterdam

23 May

by Sietse Dols, Alex Falk, Nicole Mechkaroff, Agnieszka Sekula, Andreas Zingerle


The Westersingel is a significant access vein that holds an important location in Central Rotterdam. It intersects with a number of developed arts and cultural precincts, it connects Central Station to the waterfront and, is used by walkers and bike riders. Despite these strengths, the street undersells its potential to draw people in from the station and access the many activities that feed off the strip. The group sees an importance in intervening with some of the existing street conditions to tie together these cultural and social activities and, bring about more change to the urban fabric.

We would like to make an imput into Rotterdam’s future idendity because we think it is moving away from it’s industrial image. The city is fragmented and divided into districts, we want to find those districts and develop them further.

Thoughts about Rotterdam:
– The everchanging city that needs something adjustable and multifunctional
– Bringing nature to the city
– Encouraging people to interact with the city and its development
– Making the fun aspects of Rotterdam acessible to everybody

There is much focus on the development of large scale buildings within Rotterdam and we want to have a design approach that deals with a more human scale but can still work alongside the other “high rise” and “monumental” plans for Rotterdam.

Areas of focus: A Masterplan concept relating to Topic 3 “Architecture Idendity and Integration”
– Urban planning scheme for various social groups and nationalities
– Multifunctional, adaptable spaces
– Enchancing the facilities on the street to create more social and cultural connections to hubs and precincts
– Connecting the existing districs
– Welcoming people who arrive by train or bus to Rotterdam and give them an overview what happens in the city
– Using the city in a green way (no cars, more bikes)
– Show that Rotterdam is fun and experimental through game and sculpture

Maquettes + concepts

The Tower: (Responsive architecture and Sustainability, Topic 1 and 3)
Observation tower at a crucial point (Rotterdam central station) to make people aware of what’s happening in the city. We are providing a background for the people to fill it with content. it’s keeping up with the changes of the city. (Agenda) The facade should highlight events so that people who are passing by the tower can already see the basic information.

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The Pavillion:

– The site (Westersingel & Nieuwe Binnenweg intersection) has a lot of pedestrian activity. We want to insert a function that can appeal to pedestrians.
– Incorporating a structure that is stronglyconnected to the canal because it is under-used and poorly maintained.
– Permanent shelter and modular units that can be used in many ways such as: boat markets, sun shelter, playground area for children, hang out area.

The Ampitheatre:
– A re-landscaping project with a stage area and some seating and steps for people to view a performance and picnic along the canal.
– A tensile roofing structure will be positioned around the stage for various types of performances in the area. The roof structure will have the ability to be separated and reorganized in various ways to suit the requirements of the specific event and the weather condition.

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