Research Zoro Feigl, Artist in Amsterdam: A first look at low-tech responsive sculpture

25 May

A public space should be a place that somehow is influenced by its surroundings, a place that reacts and moves around and with the factors that use the place, The space should react to the energies around them.

Most dynamic spaces are actually designed, to create a dynamic feel, but don’t really react on their surroundings, they have computers interfere and design nature by using natural forms and shapes instead of letting the shapes really be defined by the energies of the wind and water surrounding them. I like to see a direct relation between the energies put in and the reacting counter force.

I propose a not necessarily functional space or landmark that is either shaped by the wind or the flow of the water surrounding it.

Here are some images that respond to natural movement in a somehow mechanical nature. Most of these works are by others and are a start for my research on a landmark or public place shaped by the wind and water that surround Rotterdams harbor.

Tom Claassen: Hippo
Hippo: a sculpture that is uncovered and covered by the changing water levels. Tom Claassen

Strandbeest – Theo Janssen. This wind powered beast builds dunes.

Mirage – Zoro Feigl, Transforming the reflecting surroundings by reactioning on the wind.

Tonkin Liu – Singing Sculpture, The form and sounds change by the wind.

Walter de Maria – Lightning Field, a sculpture that interacts with lightning storms.

George Rickey’s wind sculpture in Rotterdam

Zeger Reyers – Drumset, A sound making sculpture powered by the waves

James Turell- Light Reign, a sun clock room

Although all of these works are very different I see a similarity in the way they are all shaped by the natural forces of the world around them.

Best, Zoro


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