Intro to Shanghai / Intro to Jing’an District

25 May

The students are asked to look into the past, present of their city, as well as the close vicinity of their district.  Questions were posed to them to get them to think about the city’s problems and how to improve it in the future:

– – – – –

City of Shanghai:


–    How did Shanghai start to grow as a big city?  How did it evolve to what it is now?

–    Which were the most important phases in the development of Shanghai?

–    Why do you think that these phases are the most important?


–    What makes Shanghai special compared to other Chinese cities?

–    Is there any place in the city that give you distinct feeling of the space? Describe the space and why it makes you feel special.

–    What do you think are the most important developments in Shanghai, and how have they taken shape?


–    Do you think new transportation technology will change the urban planning of Shanghai?  How?

–    In the future, how do you think climate change will affect Shanghai?  How could buildings adapt to new climates?

–    How would urban planning adapt to new demographic changes in the city?  Will it become more “international” or more “local”?


– – – – – –

District of Jing’an:


–    The history of Jing’an is closely related to one building that still exists, and it could be termed “The origin of Jing’an”?  Why do you think so?

–    In which way did this original building activate the surrounding environment?

–    Are there any urban features (street, square, bridge, building compound, etc.) that have originated from the Jing’an district?

–    What is the historical development of this/these urban feature/s?


–    What makes Jing’an special compared to other districts in Shanghai?

–    What type of programs do the urban features (if they exist) include, and what kind of urban experience do they provide?


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