Rough rules for the maquettes

26 May

Dear  team Shanghai and dear team Rotterdam!
Thank you so much for a wonderful meeting we all had yesterday. The skype session was successful and I think you did connect to the other team.
I am writing you today to remind you of the “rules” for your team regarding the maquettes:

Scale for Maquettes:

We are defining the definite scale at the end of the workshop between the teams in team meeting 3 but you should have a rough idea before you build your mock up and match it with everybodys ideas abut their scale.
Please make a mock up for the maquette that will get build in Beijing in the scale 1:50-1:100.
Exceptions are huge landmarks (the mock up can be smaller to be able to manage building it) and of course urban planning designs.

Parameters for the maquettes in total for both teams, has to be discussed together on the blog:

maximum 3 urban planning design maquettes
maximum 3 public spaces/places design maquettes (with attached fassades or boxes that resemble buildings)
maximum 4 famous landmarks
minimum 8 buildings

The “maximum” underlines that there is no “MUST” in this parameter. If nobody wants to build a landmark or urban planning design, thats okay. It is not possible for the High School groups to choose more then  2 urban planning design maquettes or public space design maquettes in total. The workshop leaders will decide together with the project management if the teams can not find a mutual decision on what to build.

Keep in mind that your maquettes should resemble your home town and not a general future city. You should also think in a team about what could be on the photographic backdrops.
Best wishes,



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