Maquette R`dam Academics

27 May

Nicole Mechkaroff, Agnieszka Sekula, Alex Falk, Andreas Zingerle, Sietse Dols, Rotterdam Academic Group

Where: 3 projects along the Westersingel intervening with 3 significant urban conditions in need of more social interaction and diversity.

1. DeTower

Location: Intersection West-Kruiskade + Westersingel

 This site holds an important location close to Rotterdam Central Station, Chinatown and a business area. A vertical stack of observation and information areas invites the pedestrian or cycler into a maze of columns at ground level, displaying text of online blogging, tagging and twittering activity posted by the people of Rotterdam. There is also a view the nearby canal and access to other types of underground information. DeTower becomes an interactive information system that is changing due to the local community’s input and not necessarily the big companies around it.

2. Living Rooms

Location: Intersection Nieuwe Binnenweg + Westersingel

By day a floating array of platforms for daily, weekly and monthly events along the canal. By night the platforms pack into a building and form themed living rooms to house a bar function and tie in with the existing Nieuwe Binnenweg nightlife.

3. Any-theatre

Location: Near intersection Westzeedijk + Westersingel

This proposal involves a new landscaping scheme and an arched canopy framing a view of the canal which becomes a backdrop for a possible theatre, concert or outdoor cinema function. The flexible nature of the landscape design still retains the area’s existing “picnic” and “chill-out” use.

Rough Scale: 1:50


Maquette diagrams

Completed Maquettes (DeTower & Any-Theatre; Living Rooms still to come)


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