Maquette Academics Group: Super Archive

27 May

Names of students:  Kang Yan, Zhan Yuan, Long Wenhao, Zhan Xie, Caoyinlin

Title of maquette:  Super Archive

Location/address of maquette in Shanghai:  Three sites in the Jing´an District

Rough Scale:  1:800

3 sentences about the vision:

FUTURESERVATION aims to extend the boundary of preservation to the status quo and tomorrow. It overlaps slices of city and lives of different ages on the vertical: the modern and future high-rise as structure, the buildings of past and present as border, the urban lives of diverse ages as program, FUTURESERVATION is a super museum of multiple spaces and cross time.

– – – – 

Based on the concept, my solution of the urban problem is to locate several huge interconnected frameworks in the urban area that is composed with the inorganic collages of futuristic architecture and traditional old buildings. The little cubes together with the frameworks as a whole will broke the situation of inorganic collage. And under the discipline of “large up, small down”, the small living spaces as well as the huge public spaces will be accumulated onto the frameworks due to the different demand in different periods. So, with the time going on, such kind of urban arrangement will be more and more obvious gradually, which best embodies the urban attitude of self-organization. And, obviously, although the little cubes were added randomly onto the frameworks, they are exactly in an invisible order. 

– – – –

In the future, maybe 50 years later from now, the people in the urban especially in Shanghai may be tired of living in the high rise residential area which is composed with “cool” spaces made up from steels and concrete, and return to the brick-composed close-to-the-ground living spaces that their elder generations used to live with both the pleasure and painful memory. At that time the city will be arranged with large spaces (public spaces) up and small spaces (living spaces) down. Also, with the developing trend of aging population in Shanghai it is entirely possible for the city to provide almost all the citizens with the “low altitude” living spaces. So, most possibly, the project will come true in, maybe, 2060.

 According to my threshold research, Shanghai currently is a city lack the integral urban plan due to the accelerated urbanization, that is to say the manner stipulation has been involved in the urban plan so much, so, as it is my turn to plan the future city, I will lend it to be more self-organized under a soft guidance, so that the city will be a more harmonious one.


Progress photos:



Completed maquette:


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