Maquette R`dam HS Group 3

27 May

Names of students: Maxim Houtekamer, Kirsty Bouwers, Carina Fernandes

Title of maquette: New Energies Family Houses

Location/address of maquette in Rotterdam: Dokhaven

Rough Scale: 1:150

3 sentences about the vision:

Our plan was to create a space where people live, work and shop (for groceries). We wanted to combine it so people wouldn’t need to use their car to go to their work or the shops, which would lower their CO2 emission to a minimum. Our building is a green, sustainable and carbon neutral complex. The necessary energy should be supplied by: solar panels, waste recycling and wind turbines. The buildings is shaped like a flower, representing the eco-friendly character of the building.


Completed Maquette

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