Maquette Wang Qing

27 May

Title of maquette:Wall-like stage

Location/address of maquette in Shanghai: ?

Vision: In 2020, some modern nomads move to Shanghai. They dance. They sing. They need a place. They choose a place by the river which has been rediscovered from an ancient canal in Shanghai. This is the building for them. This is the place for performance.

The building is half on the river and half on the land. It has several sequences of performance from the daily life to the symbolic moves. The performance is the life or the life is about how to perform. The man-made material, structure is the foundation and platform for it. Without those living lives, the concrete is just another piece or rock. Therefore, here we celebrate the concrete is not concrete anymore. It is part of our life. We kiss it, we dance with it and finally we live with it.

The design will use several man-made structures to create a space of ambiguity. The structure is not just a structure in sense of ideology. It is the interaction with the performance/life.Inspiration photos:


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