Floormap 3rdI Draft May30

30 May

The floor of the maquette space is 5,50m x 5,50m. The roads for the robots have to be 50-60cm wide. The maquette spaces on the floormap are numbered R1-R9 for the Rotterdam maquettes and S1-S9 for the Shanghai maquettes.

This first floormap proposal was drafted by Team Shanghai. They propose all the roads to form a loop., no dead ends. (could be easier for the robots to run). They didn’t mix all maquettes up, but leave them in 2 zones of “Future Shanghai” and “Future R’dam”. (for creating “city atmosphere” , instead of dispersing blocks and emphazising on the cities indentities)

Please see if there’s any special request from R team’s maquettes, as we could fix the final plan asap:)

S1 HS ShiXi BBLAT Expo Zone
S2 HS ShiXi Conception Base, Better Nature (Southwest Shanghai, Universities etc.)
S3 HS ShiXi Floating City  open water (Water Hydrome)
S4 HS ShiXi Landmark Lujazui, waterfront, a small peninsula protrude towards Huangpu River (Restored Nature & Super Sky-Scraper)
S5-S7 Academics, 4 sites on West Nanjing Road (Future Preservation, 9 muses, Super Archives, New Base Development, Lights)
S8  Wang Qing at waterfront, future-water-project
S9 Jin Shan Buddha Machine, city sculpture

R1 HS Wolfert “Floating Community” open water
?  HS Wolfert “Green Terraced Rotterdam”
?  HS Wolfert
?  HS Wolfert, “New Energies Familiy House”
R5-R7 Academics, 3 sites on Mauritsweg, canal
?  Finbarr McComb “A Farm Next Door”
?  Zoro Feigl “Interactive Bike/Pedestrian Bridge” waterfront


2 Responses to “Floormap 3rdI Draft May30”

  1. christina70 May 30, 2010 at 1:12 pm #

    Graham and me like the floorplan proposal. keep it simple since the audience can only drive the robots for 5 minutes. Maybe add 2-3 dead ends to make the views more interesting and to see more in between.

  2. Response to FloorplanDraft May 30 May 30, 2010 at 1:31 pm #

    Hoi Ye Li

    I like you floor plan a lot. It seems we need to bring in more water for the Rotterdam team.
    R1 HS Wolfert “Floating Community” in open water
    R5-R7 Academics, 3 sites on Mauritsweg along a canal
    ? Zoro Feigl “Interactive Bike/Pedestrian Bridge” over water

    Did you make the perspective in SketchUp? Could you email me the project file so I can continue the drawing?


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