A little public discussion

1 Jun

Hoi Finbarr,
Please comment on the masterplan because your farm needs to flower!

Hi Maarten,
well the first thing I would comment on is the fact that there’s a lot of unused space in the model. You could do a couple of things with it, like fill it up with parks / farmland or with basic background buildings.
And don’t worry about our model, we’re working on it right now, it’s going to be a lot more lively than the simple sketch we sent you.

Hoi Finbarr

I think the open spaces in the area, where the Wolfert HighSchool kids are positioned now, shows also something.
Our kids in Europe have gone through the expansion drift of the West, what capitalism brought us ( I have kids myself of from 17 -30)
and I know how their orientation is, They look for intimacy and to be friends with nature. They think to group together in smaller communities, families.

So maybe it’s not to bad to show that in the expo, the search for modernity in China and the “coming down” to ease among the community of our youngsters.
And that may show some open air, space…. on the Wolfert school part of the floor.

Join in to this discussion, especially our Chinese friends! :=)


Hi Maarten,

to start, I’m responding in the post since I want ot attach an image.  I like the idea to make a difference between parts of the model to reflect the different trends in were the city is going. A more relaxed Rotterdam part and a modern Shanghai area seems like something that could nicely create different neighbourhoods in the virtual city. The plan for the model as a whole still had a lot of open space,  so as responsible urban planners we should also say something about the ‘gaps’ in the model, and I think we can use the left-over space to give some extra character to the plans.

So here’s a quick sketch about how to deal with the plan:

– in the Rotterdam neighbourhood we can make a green infill in the model, perhaps using garden cress or some other plants /herbs.

– in the Shanghai neighbourhood a more urban setting seems appropriate, like some extra buildings. These shouldn’t stand out, for example some simple grey blocks as backdrop, or just simple blocks with facades stuck on as Christina suggested.




2 Responses to “A little public discussion”

  1. christina70 June 1, 2010 at 8:19 pm #

    From the robots perspective I think it makes sense to moove one Wolfert model (I suggest the atelier) between the floating community and Zoros bridge. I also would plead to bring green terraces, the farm inside and new energy house with shell together leaving no gaps. The reason is that the further the plots move away from the road, the less is to see for the audience. there is no zoom on the camera…another option is to leave space inbetween the plots (or at least in between 2), like Maarten suggests, but build in dead ends for the robot to continue to see the maquette from more angles. the edges left could be filled with park or farmland. I like farmland. Can we plant weed fields, I wonder how the maquette maker would see that?

    Also: we have no landmarks in our Rotterdam. Is it still a city? maybe we should add simple building fascades as well to create some density somewhere? about dead end: no more then 2 or 3 in total, we should also involve Graham in this discussion, how simple should it be for the robot, so it doesnT get stuck?

  2. zorof June 2, 2010 at 10:04 am #

    Since many of the models do not necesairly take the full 90 x90 space, I think It would make sence to take the actual model size and leave the option open for models to overlap or even interact/react on each other. My bridge could connect two models.. and as Finbar said, maybe we should create some background models..
    best, Zoro

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