A media art project from V2_Institute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam, Shanghai eARTS and Graham and Christina Smith from Cybercity Ruhr for the Dutch Culture Centre of the World Expo in Shanghai in August 2010

The 3rd I project presents in an interactive media art exhibit, future visions for subjectively selected buildings, spaces and places in the sister cities Rotterdam and Shanghai. Students and professionals in two national teams research and debate their urban environments, search for future visions, and visualize the results in maquettes. Primary research topics are the influence and implementation of modern technology in urban planning and architecture, and future challenges like climate and population change, the issue of  identity and the process of integration.

The scaled maquettes of both teams are exhibited in Shanghai where remote controlled video robots explore the landscape. The exhibit is connected via Internet in sound and image with an exhibition space in Rotterdam (MK Gallery on Witte de Withstraat) that offers a view into the exhibition in Shanghai, and fascilitates communication between the visitors in both spaces  using especially developed telepresence furniture. Audiences in both cities can meet, talk and share or just steer the video robots in Shanghai to explore the maquettes.



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