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Building workshop day two.

30 May

Here are some photos from the workshop on Saturday.  The students are working at a pretty fantastic pace, and seem to really be accomplishing a lot in such a short time.


First day of model making.

29 May

Above are photos from the first day of model making with Team Shanghai.  The students will be working all weekend to create their maquettes… check back for more progress photos!

Opening Ceremony for Team Shanghai!

28 May

On Thursday May 27th, the Shixi HS students crowded into the workroom to kick off the opening ceremony for the construction of their maquettes.  They were excited to look through the boxes of supplies, and talked with supervising architect Li Ye about their preliminary designs.

After they fleshed out their ideas, we pinned the info up on the dry erase board for everyone to see, and the students continued to consult the University students and professionals on the next step of the project.

Below you will find a selection of photos from the day! A separate post of the preliminary ideas for the maquettes (of both the high school and academic students) will follow this one.