Wolfert HS maquette building day 2

3 Jun

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floorplan june 2.2

2 Jun

comments and new ideas welcome, current floorplan:

Spill over

2 Jun

Hoi Finbarr

This looks promising.

Look at me playing around with your surrounding developers,

How can your plan spill over in the surrounding areas?


Ideas for public areas

2 Jun

Floorplan June 2

2 Jun

I would like to move Rotterdams green terraces a bit to the right (until the curve) and The Farm next door in the center. The empty corners on the right and left should be filled with something, either with resemblings of buildings to create a city atmosphere or with wheat fields or woods.

We need to decide and know how to describe it for the maqeutte maker by Tuesday, so please think about it further and upload your favourite idea (keep it simple) for the floorplan. On Tuesday together we write down a description for the left and right corner next to New Energy Houses and the Green Terraces. Or together with Team Shanghai we decide for another version of the floorplan.

The Climate Atelier is now next to the bridge, like talked about on the last team meeting, because the bridge needs a ventilator near by as Zoro explained. The HS students actually planned a windmill on top of the Climate Atelier (which is now accidently on the New Energies Family Houses Complex, that is a mistake). So that would work nicely together

greetings, sorry the sun is shining, I feel for you 😉

Finbarr McComb and his collegue Pieter building

2 Jun

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Masterplan with Zoro’s bridge

2 Jun